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We offer some of the best prices on front and rear lips, take a look. Shipping Note: We do NOT fold any of our lips for shipping, professional installation highly recommended for all lips. Shopping Cart 0.

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By: Front Lips. Category: Civic Front Lips. Brand new in the package. Mounting hardware is Made out of poly urethane. This lip is the Acura Rsx Mugen Front Lip rep. Made out of urethane material. Mounting hardware Made out of poly urethane material.

Monk From Japan Builds USDM-Style, Type R-Swapped Honda Integra Si

Lip is made out of polyurethane very flexible, Mounting hardware Civic 4 Door Mugen Rear lip jdm replica. Lip is brand new in the package, made out of urethane material LED light mounts in the center of By: JDM Honda. Lip is brand new in the package, Harware This lip is made out Made out of Polyurethane material This lip is brand new in the package.

Hardware is included. Lip isSpecial Projects. Notify me when this product is available:. To the uninformed- A splitter is not a wing.

The splitter is designed to do exactly what the name suggests. It splits the air flowing onto the front of the car, directing the fast moving air under the car assisting straight line speed and creating down force or suction under the car. It also directs the air onto the Air dam above the splitter which in turn creates a wave of turbulence that is pushed along by the Air dam which the upper layer of air is forced to flow up and over the front of the car, thus providing the down force and front end stability and grip that has been enjoyed and sought after by Honda Racers all over the world.

All SPMS Splitter blades are made from 12mm multi ply marine grade plywood with radius edges and epoxy coated. The blades are very lightweight and easily replaced at low cost.

Air dams for individual models can be purchased separately. Lower aluminum mounting plates allow for the necessary compliance to prevent major frame damage upon impact. Add to Cart. Related Items. These parts are exotic-looking, race-inspired, and are unmatched in quality. By creating a high pressure area on top of the wind splitter, high pressure air flow is restricted to flow underneath a car.

With low pressure below the car, the effect of lift is reduced and a driver can gain from the extra traction and control. This allows for smoother air flow below the front bumper, creating more efficient downforce.

Made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composites, APR Rear Bumper Skirts help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides of the car from rolling underneath the car. The reduced lift helps to stabilize the car during high-speed cornering and helps to increase traction for faster lap times. When adjoined to a proper rear undertray, it becomes part of a rear diffuser system that helps to promote reduced lift and reduced drag.

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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Type-R Style Front Lip.

integra p1 lip

Thread starter Mytchh Start date Oct 21, Mytchh New Member. I was looking at getting this front lip. I have a 96 Integra LS. Does this look like it'll fit nice? I plan on painting it yellow as well and need opinions. My car is all black, except the windshield wipers, lip on the rims, decals, break calipers, and bumpers inserts. Those things are all yellow. So I want to know if the yellow front lip will look nice. I already have a Type-R spoiler on as well. You get what you pay for, so no, it will not fit nicely.

integra p1 lip

Already sounds not so pretty Do you have a picture of your car? Lip on the rims and brake calipers might be ok, but yellow decals and windshield wipers on a black car? That just sounds like something that would be spotted in the Local Ricer thread.

Don't trust Andy's Auto Sport. Last I checked, they had a bad rating with the BBB. Mytchh said:. Not right now. I'll post some later. What lip would you recommend then? Found this one as well.Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! In fact, we carry more body kits than any other company on Earth!

We have more than 40 brands of ground effects including our own line of body kits that we manufacture in houseand we carry body kits for more than different vehicles! Our store is full of car body kits and truck body kits, so take a look at our fantastic selection.

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P1 DC2 US Spec. ’98-’01 (R)

Not able to find what you are looking for? You can make your Mustang look like an in-your-face rally car with huge foglights and a 'Big Mouth' style front bumper. We get asked these questions all the time. Answer: Most body kits are either made of fiberglass, poly-urethane, or ABS plastic. Question: What's the difference between them?

Answer: Each has its pros and cons. Take a look: Fiberglass body kits - These are the most prevalent body kits by far. The main reason is because they're the most cost-effective to manufacture. Fiberglass body kits are almost all made by hand, and because of that they don't have the same precision of fitment and finish as, say, your machine-made CAD-designed factory bumpers do. Also, most fiberglass body kits won't withstand a fender-bender as well as, for example, poly-urethane body kits.

That being said, paint adheres really well to fiberglass, and fiberglass won't warp even in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Besides that, they're the most affordable type of body kit available. Extra note: some companies have introduced high-end fiberglass body kits that use a specialty flex resin that gives bodykit-buyers the best of both worlds: durabilty and affordabilty.

An example of this is the Duraflex brand of body kits, which is probably the most popular-selling line of body kits we offer.Once again, working closely with manufacturers and our hands on race team drivers we have come up with a race proven rear lower control arm design that combines function with style and delivers rock-solid performance for mild to extreme suspension setups.

The rear LCA plays an important handling role in any modified suspension system. Our manufacturers concentrated on areas that others disregard while adding features not seen in competitors products. The design employs an innovative spherical bearing system which allows proper angular misalignment during suspension movement without binding up causing fatigue and premature failure like polyurethane or rubber bushings on most other aftermarket arms available today. The design also features 4 sway bar mounting provisions allowing for different stiffness and better end-link alignment and a bronze bushing on the shock mounting point that allows the use of heavy sway bars allowing softer spring rates for the ultimate ride quality without compromising performance.

Our fully adjustable rear wing has been developed over several years on our own Race cars. Tested by well known drivers in a multitude of configurations on various models of cars.

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This wing has proven to provide an excellent balance of rear grip when used with our P1 Spec Splitter Kit and Side Skirts. Testing and our calculations indicate that a down force of approximately lbs with minimal drag can be created at mph depending on the wing angle. A well worthwhile addition to make your race car a winner. Call or email — kiwi specialprojectsms. Designed on our own famous 65 and 66 DC2 Touring Cars to help airflow under the car works in conjunction with our well proven P1 Spec Front Splitter and side skirts.

Improve stability, reduce drag and improve your speed. Powder coated Lo Gloss Black. By far our most popular P1 Kit. These Splitter kits give the maximum front downforce, stability and grip, with minimal drag. Used by Club Racers and Professionals alike.The background on the owner of this Honda Integra Si is as interesting as the build itself.

While we bring you the best builds from Japan, you might forget that this region is also known for its beautiful temples and shrines with some dating back centuries.

Civic Front Lips

They provide a tranquil setting where people can meditate, receive blessings, and experience some of Japan's oldest traditions. Ceremonies are performed by monks who have dedicated their lives to their practice and are known to live modest lives. Masanari Matsuura is one such monk, so you can imagine our surprise when we saw him roll-up in his Type R-swapped Honda Integra. Masanari's love for Honda started 12 years ago when he acquired his first four-door DB8 Integra. Inspired by some of his local Honda heavy hitters, which included members of the Lowered 2 Perfection crewhe set out to build something that would be on the same level.

After thousands of dollars and months of hard work, he realized he was missing something important to him His Integra wasn't equipped with a sunroof.


As trivial as that may sound, not having a sunroof left Masanari feeling unsatisfied. He moved to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, but he ended up missing the joys of having a lightweight, front-wheel drive car ever more.

Eventually, in he was finally able to purchase an Integra with a sunroof in this Si model, and from there he set out to build something that could hold its own on either side of the Pacific. One of the major features of Masanari's Integra is the U. In fact we've covered Japanese-bred events that cater to the phenomenon. Masanari did the full front-end change which included the bumper, headlights and fenders, but in place of the right high beam is a custom fiberglass intake funnel for increased airflow.

Beyond the face change, the rest of the exterior has been kept simple with only the J's Racing spoiler and Special Project P1 lip interrupting the original factory lines.

Peaking from behind the wheels are a set of Spoon brake calipers which have been painted gunmetal to help them flow with the overall appearance of the DC2 Integra.

Popping the hood reveals one of the cleaner engine bays in the Japanese Honda scene with every centimeter getting smoothed out as much as possible. After aesthetics, Masanari swapped out the original engine for a Type R B18C which has had its valvecover shaved and painted black.

The black theme continues through many parts including the intake manifold and intake pipe. The final ingredient that makes the engine bay look ultra-clean are the components you can't see, like the wiring harness, which has been neatly tucked out of sight.

As awesome as the engine bay is, the interior of Masanari's Integra is what takes his build to another level. The rear seats and paneling have all been removed but every exposed piece of metal has been coated with the same New Formula Red paint used on the body.

The centerpiece, however, has to be the S dash and gauge cluster conversion, which could go easily unnoticed due to its seemingly factory fitment. Alcantara fabric clads the dashboard and door panels helping tie everything together, including the ICB Motorsport bucket seats. It's taken Masanari 12 years, a four-door Integra and an Evo to get to the finish line. He's not one to boast or brag, or even ask for favors.

Instead, he had extraordinary patience and gives credit to the builders that inspired him the entire way. Can't get enough Integra? Here are 3 recent builds we've featured: Longtime Massachusetts-based enthusiasts finishes his ultimate Integra Type R.

Type R conversion from Thailand with insane details.It is compatible with any device you may be using from Android, iPhone, and iPad to Blackberry and such.

integra p1 lip

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